How Does a Floor Jack Work? The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Floor Jacks

A floor jack is a device used to lift a heavy object from a lower to a higher position. It is often used to lift vehicles so that repairs can be done underneath them. Floor jacks come in a variety of sizes and can lift weights of up to five tons.

How Does a Floor Jack Work?

A floor jack works by using a hydraulic system to generate lift. This system uses the principles of pressure and fluid displacement to create a force that can lift heavy objects. The hydraulic system consists of a cylinder, a piston, and a pump. The cylinder is filled with a fluid, usually oil, and the piston is connected to the object that needs to be lifted. When the pump is activated, the oil is forced through the cylinder, pushing the piston up and lifting the object.

Types of Floor Jacks

There are two main types of floor jacks: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical jacks use a mechanical lever to lift the object, while hydraulic jacks use the hydraulic system described above. Mechanical jacks are cheaper and easier to use, but they are limited in the amount of weight they can lift. Hydraulic jacks, on the other hand, can lift much heavier objects.

How to Use a Floor Jack

Using a floor jack is relatively simple. First, make sure the jack is on a flat, level surface and the object you are lifting is in the center of the jack. Then, pump the handle of the jack until the object is lifted off the ground. Be sure to keep the handle of the jack in a vertical position to ensure the jack is working correctly. Finally, when the object is in the desired position, release the pressure from the jack by turning the handle in the opposite direction.

Safety Precautions

When using a floor jack, it is important to take safety precautions. Be sure to wear protective clothing, such as gloves, goggles, and a hard hat. Additionally, never use a floor jack on an uneven surface, as this can cause the object to become unstable. Make sure to never exceed the maximum weight capacity of the jack, as this can cause serious injury or damage.

Maintenance and Care

It is important to properly maintain and care for your floor jack to ensure it is working correctly. Make sure to periodically check the oil levels and replace any worn or damaged parts. Additionally, it is a good idea to clean the jack regularly to prevent corrosion and rust. Finally, always store your floor jack in a dry, cool place to prevent it from becoming damaged.


A floor jack is a useful tool for lifting heavy objects. It is important to understand how a floor jack works, as well as the different types available. Additionally, it is important to take safety precautions when using a floor jack and to properly maintain and care for it. By following these tips, you can ensure your floor jack is working correctly and safely.

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