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If you are into cars, then one of the best ways to increase the quality of your work and make repairs easier at the same time, is to invest in a good floor jack, or jack stand at the very least. This will help you lift your car up without risking a damaging your back, and will allow you to work on your car in a more comfortable position. However, there are many different brands of floor jacks on the market, and it is not always easy to find the one that will work best for your needs.


Choose between heavy duty, medium duty, and economy models

Do you find yourself needing a floor jack? A floor jack is a great tool to have. Home repair projects, wheel repairs, and vehicle repairs are just a few applications for a floor jack. However, not all floor jacks are alike. A heavy duty floor jack, medium duty floor jack, and economy floor jack are all different types of floor jacks.
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Decide between a 3 and 4 ton lift capacity


A jack stand is a lifting device used in lifting vehicles or machinery. The jack stands are used for lifting vehicles or machinery. They are specially designed for lifting trucks and cars, but also used for lifting the tractor, home and other heavy equipment. There are two types of jack stands, according to the lift capacity. The standard jack stand has a lift capacity of 3 tons. The heavy duty jack stand has a lift capacity of 4 tons. The heavy duty jack stand is usually used for heavy trucks and heavy-duty motors.

Why you need it

Whether your car’s transmission, engine, or brakes need replacing, you’re going to need jack stands. When a vehicle is on a lift, the axle or wheel that’s being serviced is positioned between two metal bars (called the jack) that raise the vehicle high enough for the mechanic to access it. This forces the vehicle’s wheels off the ground, so jack stands can be an incredibly important part of your vehicle repair needs.

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Get the best jack stand

Any car enthusiast will tell you that a car jack is one of the most important tools. You need a good jack stand to keep your car safe and stable while you repair it. The best jack stand can add a reassuring feeling of security as you work under the hood.
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Choose a 2- or 4-wheel base

A jack stand is a type of hydraulic lifting equipment used to lift and support different vehicle components. There are many ways to use jack stands, including changing a tire, changing brakes, repairing transmissions, and other car maintenance. Jack stands come in many types, including 2- and 4-wheel base models. Each type serves a different purpose, depending on how much weight you will be supporting.
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Select one with a steel guard

When you’re working on your vehicle, don’t be afraid to jack it up. Lifting your car up with a jack stand is easier than lifting it up on a jack, which can put a lot of unnecessary strain on your back, neck, and wrists. A jack stand and a jack are separate tools, with jacks being easier to use and more affordable, but jack stands are safer. Whether you garage your car or just add it to a see-saw, we recommend purchasing a jack stand with a steel guard. We recommend this one, but there are many other options.
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Consider a 3- or 4-bolt base plate

A jack stand is simply a high-lifting device that lifts the jack off the ground. When jack stands are correctly used, they greatly decrease the odds of the vehicle being damaged—by lifting the vehicle off the ground, it prevents it from banging or scraping against the ground or other objects, and it’s less likely to slip or roll away while you’re changing the tire. But jack stands are only as useful as the jack that lifts them. The cheapest jack stands you’ll see at your local auto parts store have a 3- or 4-bolt base plate. This leaves the jack base exposed, so when jacking up the vehicle, the jack base is thrust upward and outward, where the jack can eventually be damaged. A 3- or 4-bolt base plate jack stand, on the other hand, has a 5- or 6-bolt base plate, which makes for a much stronger jack stand.
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