4 ton floor jack

As a vehicle owner, having the right tools for maintenance and repair is crucial. When it comes to lifting heavy vehicles like trucks, SUVs, or sports cars, you need a reliable and durable floor jack that can handle the task with ease.

In this ultimate buying guide for 2023, we will be reviewing the top 4 ton floor jacks designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicle lifting. Our comprehensive analysis includes essential features such as weight capacity, lifting range, durability, safety aspects, portability and more – all to help you make an informed choice when selecting your next high-performance jack.


Understanding The Need For A 4 Ton Floor Jack

In the realm of vehicle maintenance and repairs, having the right tools on hand is paramount to ensuring a smooth and efficient process. A 4 ton floor jack offers the necessary lifting power for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, or large sedans—providing you with a reliable solution when it comes time to perform routine maintenance or tackle more involved repair jobs.

As opposed to using a standard car jack which may not provide enough support or have sufficient lifting range for bigger automobiles, investing in a 4-ton hydraulic floor jack ensures that you’re well-equipped for an array of challenges you might encounter while working under your vehicle.

The utility provided by this specialized tool extends beyond personal garage usage; professional mechanics who frequently work with large-capacity automobiles can significantly benefit from its added functionality too.

With features such as increased lifting height capabilities, enhanced safety measures like overload protection valves and robust construction materials (e.g., steel), choosing the right 4 ton floor jack will enhance productivity while providing peace-of-mind knowing that both yourself and your clients’ property are safeguarded against potential hazards during these demanding tasks.

Key Features To Look For When Choosing A 4 Ton Floor Jack

When it comes to choosing a 4 ton floor jack, there are several key features you should consider, such as weight capacity, lifting range, durability, safety features, portability, price and value for money.

Weight Capacity

When looking to buy a floor jack for heavy-duty vehicle lifting, weight capacity is one of the most critical factors to consider. The weight capacity of a hydraulic trolley jack will determine which vehicles it can lift and how much weight it can handle.

In this buying guide, we have reviewed the top 4 ton floor jacks that are designed specifically for lifting heavy vehicles, with each having a maximum lifting capacity of 4 tons.

It’s important to note that while all the jacks in our review have a 4-ton weight capacity, their actual lifting capacities may vary slightly depending on factors like how low or high you set them up and whether you use additional accessories like jack stands.

Lifting Range

One of the key features to consider when choosing a 4 ton floor jack is the lifting range. This refers to how high the jack can lift your vehicle off the ground.

For example, the Pittsburgh Automotive 4 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack has a lifting range between 2-3/4 inches and 24-1/4 inches. This makes it ideal for working on lower profile cars and SUVs.

On the other hand, if you need a longer reach, you might prefer to go with something like Sunex’s 6604LP Low Profile Service Jack that offers an extended reach of up to 30 inches.


One of the most critical factors to consider when looking for a 4 ton floor jack is durability. Since you’ll be using it for heavy-duty lifting tasks, your jack should be able to withstand wear and tear without breaking down easily.

Durability also means choosing a floor jack that’s resistant to rust and corrosion over time, as this will help prolong its lifespan. Look for models made from high-quality steel or aluminum, which are known for their strength and sturdiness.

Some of the top-rated 4 ton floor jacks in our guide feature durable construction materials that make them ideal picks for heavy-duty vehicle lifting tasks.

Safety Features

Ensuring your safety while using a 4 ton floor jack is of utmost importance, and therefore, it’s essential to consider the safety features before investing in one. Look for jacks with safety locks that prevent the vehicle from accidentally dropping when lifted.

Another crucial feature is a wide base or footpad that provides stability during use. This helps minimize tipping hazards which could result in potentially fatal accidents.

When choosing a floor jack, don’t forget to consider its weight limit as well since exceeding it can cause unsafe conditions such as instability or even jack failure leading to serious harm.

By ensuring these key safety features are included when selecting a 4 ton floor jack, you’ll be able to confidently lift heavy vehicles like sports cars, trucks, SUVs etc., without compromising on your personal protection.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a 4 ton floor jack is portability. If you plan on using your jack for different vehicles or taking it with you on the go, then you’ll want to look for a model that is easy to transport and store.

Some floor jacks come with built-in handles or wheels, making them easy to move around your garage or workshop.

For example, the Sunex 6604LP Low Profile Service Jack is a popular choice among mechanics who need a jack they can easily move from one job site to another. This jack features dual side handles and swivel casters for smooth movement across any surface.

Overall, portability should be considered alongside other key features when selecting a 4 ton floor jack so that you end up with one that meets all of your lifting needs without sacrificing ease of use and storage capabilities.

Price And Value For Money

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a 4-ton floor jack is its price and value for money. It’s crucial to invest in a good quality floor jack that will last you for years, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank.

When weighing up the cost of a floor jack against its features and durability, it’s essential to look beyond just the initial purchase price. A high-quality hydraulic trolley jack might cost more upfront, but it could save you money in the long run if it has fewer maintenance and repair costs than a cheaper alternative.

Ultimately, choosing the best value 4 ton floor jack involves finding one that not only meets your lifting needs but has proven reliability and longevity within your budget range.

Top 4 Ton Floor Jacks For Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifting

In this section, we will review the top 4 picks for the best 4 ton floor jacks that are designed to handle heavy-duty vehicle lifting tasks with ease.

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

The Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack is a top-rated floor jack that is perfect for heavy-duty vehicle lifting. With a weight capacity of up to 4 tons, this hydraulic trolley jack can lift sports cars, trucks, and SUVs with ease.

The Arcan XL20 also features a long-reach handle that provides easy access to the lifting point of your vehicle. Its durable steel construction ensures that it will withstand regular use in harsh industrial environments while providing reliable performance.

One drawback of this floor jack is its relatively high price compared to other models on the market.

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

The Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack is a high-quality hydraulic jack that provides users with fast and easy lifting for heavy-duty vehicles. With its 3.5 ton weight capacity and long-reach design, this floor jack is perfect for sports cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The Blackhawk B6350 also boasts a sleek black and red design that not only looks great but also adds to its durability. It’s made with heavy-duty steel construction that makes it sturdy enough to handle prolonged use in harsh environments.

Its quick lift technology allows you to quickly raise your car to your desired height without requiring too much effort on your part.

Sunex 6604LP Low Profile Service Jack

The Sunex 6604LP Low Profile Service Jack is a great pick for those looking for a jack with a low profile. This service jack has a lifting range of just 2.75 inches to 24 inches, making it perfect for use with sports cars and other vehicles that have a low clearance.

Another standout feature of the Sunex 6604LP is its durability. Its construction includes heavy-duty steel, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or breaking under heavy loads.

Additionally, this floor jack comes equipped with safety features such as overload protection valves and bypass devices to prevent over-pumping, ensuring that you stay safe during use.

Pittsburgh Automotive 4 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

The Pittsburgh Automotive 4 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack is an excellent choice for those looking for a jack that can handle heavy-duty lifting tasks.

With its weight capacity of four tons, it can easily lift sports cars, trucks, and SUVs with ease.

Another impressive feature of the Pittsburgh Automotive floor jack is its durable construction. Made out of high-quality steel and featuring a wide stance base for added stability, this heavy-duty tool can withstand repeated use over time without showing signs of wear and tear.

Additionally, customers love that it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer for added peace of mind.

Comparison Of The Top 4 Ton Floor Jacks

In this section, we’ll compare the top 4 ton floor jacks for heavy-duty vehicle lifting based on their weight capacity, lifting range, durability, safety features, portability, price and value for money- make sure to read on to find out which jack deserves a spot in your garage.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a floor jack. You want to make sure that the jack can lift your vehicle without exceeding its maximum weight limit.

The top 4 ton floor jacks reviewed in this guide are designed for heavy-duty vehicles and have impressive weight capacities of up to 8,000 pounds.

When shopping for a floor jack, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications carefully to ensure you choose one that meets your specific lifting needs. Always err on the side of caution by selecting a jack with a higher weight capacity than you think you’ll need, as using an underpowered jack could result in serious damage or injury.

Lifting Range

One important factor to consider when choosing a 4 ton floor jack for heavy-duty vehicle lifting is the lifting range. This refers to the distance between the lowest and highest points that the jack can lift.

The range determines whether the jack will be suitable for different types of vehicles, such as sports cars or trucks.

In our top picks, we have included jacks with varying lifting ranges to cater to different needs. For example, the Sunex 6604LP Low Profile Service Jack has a minimum height of just 2.75 inches, making it perfect for low-riding sports cars.

Overall, understanding your vehicle’s lifting needs and ensuring that you choose a floor jack with an appropriate lifting range is crucial in making your purchase decision.


Durability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a 4-ton floor jack. You want to invest in a high-quality product that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty use over time.

It’s also important to choose a floor jack with durable hydraulic components, such as seals and pistons, that won’t leak or wear out easily. Our top pick for durability is the Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack, which features a heavy-duty steel construction and dual pump pistons for long-lasting durability.

Plus, its low profile design makes it perfect for sports cars and other vehicles with limited ground clearance.

Safety Features

When it comes to heavy-duty vehicle lifting, safety is a top priority. That’s why it’s essential to look for safety features when choosing a 4 ton floor jack. One crucial safety feature to consider is the jack’s stability and weight capacity.

Another important safety feature is overload protection, which will prevent the jack from lifting more than its maximum capacity.

Lastly, make sure you choose a floor jack with adequate safety locks that keep your vehicle in place while raised.

In summary, selecting a floor jack with proper safety features ensures you are performing vehicle maintenance work efficiently and comfortably without compromising on security or risk endangering yourself or damaging the car while working under it.


Another crucial feature to consider when purchasing a 4 ton floor jack is its portability. You want to be able to easily move the jack around your garage or workshop, and ideally take it with you on the go for mobile repairs.

Look for jacks with sturdy wheels and lightweight materials that make them easy to maneuver. For example, the Sunex 6604LP Low Profile Service Jack features swivel caster wheels that allow for smooth movement, while its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to transport from job site to job site.

Additionally, some jacks come with carry handles or cases for even more convenient transportation options.

Price And Value For Money

When it comes to buying a 4 ton floor jack for heavy-duty vehicle lifting, price and value for money are important considerations.

It’s important to consider the long-term cost of owning a floor jack – investing in a higher quality jack with a longer lifespan can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or replacements.

Additionally, considering what tasks you plan on using the jack for can help determine whether its price is worth it for your needs. For example, if you only need to lift small sports cars occasionally, a budget-friendly option may suffice.

Regardless of which option you choose, always prioritize safety over saving costs when selecting equipment that will hold hundreds or thousands of pounds above your head while working underneath it!

Tips For Maintaining And Safely Using Your 4 Ton Floor Jack

Proper maintenance and safe usage of your 4 ton floor jack is crucial for both its longevity and user safety, so we’ve included tips on regular inspection and maintenance, proper lifting techniques with safety precautions like the use of jack stands, as well as storage and transportation guidance.

Regular Inspection And Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and safety of your 4 ton floor jack, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance and inspections. Here are some tips to keep your floor jack in top condition:

1. Check the fluid level: Make sure the hydraulic oil level is between the minimum and maximum levels. If it’s low, add more oil, but be careful not to overfill.

2. Inspect for leaks: Check for any visible signs of leaks or damage on the jack, including the cylinder, pump piston, and release valve. If you notice any issues, get them fixed immediately.

3. Lubricate moving parts: Apply a thin layer of lubricant to joints, hinges, and other movable parts to prevent rusting and ensure smooth operation.

4. Test the release valve: Before using your floor jack, test the release valve to make sure it’s working correctly.

5. Clean regularly: Wipe down the jack with a damp cloth after each use to prevent dirt and grime buildup that can cause damage over time.

By following these simple maintenance tips regularly, you can keep your 4 ton floor jack functioning correctly for years to come while ensuring your safety during lifting tasks.

Proper Lifting Technique And Safety Precautions

Lifting heavy vehicles can be dangerous if not done correctly. Here are some tips for proper lifting technique and safety precautions when using a 4 ton floor jack:

1. Always use jack stands in conjunction with the floor jack to support the vehicle once it’s lifted.

2. Check that the ground is level and stable before lifting the vehicle.

3. Position the floor jack under the designated lift point on the vehicle according to manufacturer instructions.

4. Slowly pump the handle of the floor jack to start lifting the vehicle, checking frequently that it’s properly positioned and stable.

5. Never work underneath a vehicle that’s supported only by a floor jack – always use jack stands and leave them in place throughout your maintenance or repair work.

6. Keep your hands and feet clear of moving parts while operating the floor jack.

7. Avoid overloading or exceeding weight limits for both the floor jack and jack stands to prevent accidents.

8. Always follow manufacturer instructions for proper use, maintenance, and storage of your 4 ton floor jack.

By following these tips and keeping safety top of mind, you can safely lift heavy-duty vehicles with your new 4 ton floor jack without risking injury or damage to your equipment.

Proper Storage And Transportation

Storing and transporting your 4 ton floor jack properly is important to ensure it stays in good condition and is safe to use. Here are some tips:

1. Clean the jack thoroughly before storing it. This will help prevent any build-up of dust, debris, or moisture that could cause damage over time.

2. Store your floor jack indoors in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and damp environments.

3. Keep the lifting arm of the jack in its lowest position when not in use to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear.

4. If you need to transport your floor jack, always secure it tightly in your vehicle using straps or bungee cords to prevent it from moving around during transit.

5. Avoid dropping or throwing the jack at any time as this can cause serious damage to its internal components.

By following these storage and transportation tips, you can extend the lifespan of your 4 ton floor jack and ensure that it remains a reliable tool for heavy-duty vehicle lifting tasks for years to come.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Top 4 Ton Floor Jacks for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifting: The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2023 provides a comprehensive review of the best hydraulic trolley jacks available in the market today.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and durable floor jack that can handle heavy-duty vehicle lifting tasks, then this guide is an excellent resource to consider. From low-profile designs to long-reach options, there’s something here for everyone.

With proper maintenance and safe use, these jacks are sure to provide you with years of hassle-free service.


1. How do I choose the right 4-ton floor jack for my vehicle lifting needs?

When choosing a 4-ton floor jack, it is important to consider factors such as weight capacity, materials used in construction, lift range, and ease of use. Look for jacks with durable steel frames and sturdy wheels that can handle heavy loads while also providing smooth mobility.

2. Are all 4-ton floor jacks suitable for heavy-duty vehicle lifting?

Not all 4-ton floor jacks are designed to handle heavy-duty vehicles like trucks or SUVs. Make sure to check the weight capacity of any jack you’re considering and ensure that it can handle the size and weight of your specific vehicle.

3. Do I need any additional equipment when using a 4-ton floor jack?

Yes, you will usually need other tools such as a set of jack stands to support the vehicle once lifted off the ground by the jack. It is also recommended that you wear proper safety gear like gloves and eye protection while working on your vehicle.

4. Can I repair my own damaged or faulty floor jack?

While some minor repairs may be possible if you have experience with automotive repair tools, most major repairs should be left in the hands of experienced professionals who have specialized training in repairing hydraulic systems like those found in modern car jacks. Attempting DIY repairs without proper knowledge could lead to accidents or further damage to both yourself and your equipment.




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