How to Add Oil to a Floor Jack for Maximum Performance

What is a Floor Jack?

A floor jack is a device used to lift vehicles off the ground, usually to facilitate maintenance or repair work. Floor jacks are made of heavy-duty metal, usually steel, and have a handle or crank to lower and raise the platform of the jack. They also have wheels, so they can be easily moved around the garage or workshop.

Why Do You Need to Add Oil to a Floor Jack?

Adding oil to a floor jack is essential to ensure it works properly. This is because oil helps lubricate the internal parts of the jack, reducing friction and wear. As a result, the jack can move more smoothly and last longer.

How to Add Oil to a Floor Jack

Step 1: Prepare the Jack

Before you start adding oil, you need to prepare the jack. Start by making sure the jack is on a level surface and that the wheels are locked in place. Then, raise the jack until it is in its highest position.

Step 2: Locate the Oil Fill Hole

The oil fill hole is usually located on the side of the jack, near the bottom. It is usually marked with a label or symbol.

Step 3: Add the Oil

Once you have located the oil fill hole, you can start adding the oil. Make sure to use the correct type of oil for your floor jack. Generally, a good quality hydraulic oil is recommended.

Step 4: Check for Leaks

Once you have added the oil, it is important to check for leaks. Look around the oil fill hole and the surrounding area for any signs of leakage. If you find any, you should replace the seal or o-ring.

Step 5: Test the Jack

Finally, you should test the jack to make sure it is working properly. Lower and raise the platform a few times to make sure it is operating smoothly.


Adding oil to a floor jack is an important step in ensuring it works properly. Make sure to use the correct type of oil and to check for leaks before using the jack. With proper care and maintenance, your floor jack should last for many years.

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