Best 5 to 10 Ton Floor Jacks

While everyone with a vehicle will need a floor jack from time to time, some people have vehicles that are simply too heavy for your average jack. This is where you need to turn to a heavy duty floor jack with a weight capacity of 5 tons or more. That said, standard floor jacks are made by pretty much every automotive accessory manufacturer, while service jacks are generally made by those companies who target professional automotive mechanics. This article brings you the 3 best heavy duty service floor jacks in both 5 and 10 ton grades.

Top Pick

ATD 7390 5-Ton Long Chassis Service Jack

ATD Tools is likely not the most well-known manufacturer of tools, but they have been producing high-quality products since 1977. This US-based company cannot truly claim that their products are made in the USA, but they are quality and test controlled in the US. That said, ATD Tools does not specialize in jacks specifically or even automotive products more generally. That is why it is all the more surprising that ATD made our top pick for the 5 ton hydraulic jack category, especially since there are plenty of other specialized companies in the running too.

The primary reason we favor ATD has to do with the durability of design from top to bottom. First, as is the general standard for 5 ton jacks, the ATD 7390 heavy duty floor jack is made of heavy gauge steel. In fact, this is some of the thickest steel used in the production of a 5 ton car jack and is thicker than many of their competitors. On top of the overall durability of design, this jack also features a welded hydraulic pump to prolong its lifespan and stave off the inevitable pressure decline.

Of course, the ATD floor jack is more than just durable, and its ranges of motion are just as impressive as its strength. First, this 5 ton hydraulic floor jack has the tallest maximum height on our list at 27” which is more than enough for even custom lowered rigs. On top of that, this 5 ton truck jack also has one of the lower minimum clearances at only 7” which is again generally more than low enough for even custom lowered rigs. All of this is topped off with fairly convenient caster wheels that do not seem to warp under the strain of the weight over time like some others are prone to do.


  • The tallest maximum height reviewed
  • Has a lower minimum height
  • Is a less expensive floor jack
  • Has caster wheels
  • Made of heavy gauge steel
  • Has a welded hydraulic pump


  • No real flaws

Runners Up

OTC 1505B 5-Ton Service Jack

OTC is no stranger to the heavy duty floor jack market or really any hydraulic floor jack market, but this particular model is a bit too heavy on flash and not heavy enough on substance. That is not to suggest that the Bosch Automotive owned and engineered 5 ton floor jack is poor performing. However, there is definitely more focus on the user of the jack rather than the jack itself which shows most prominently in the tallest minimum clearance. This alone will make this 5 ton heavy duty jack the least versatile as some custom lowered trucks will come in just a hair too short for this 5 ton hydraulic jack.

That said, the OTC 5 ton truck jack is not without merit as it offers a solid 47’ reach, though the lifting range is a bit more modest at only 22”. Still, the handle is also a bit better than most with the ability to be positioned at virtually any angle, from completely vertical to horizontally flat. The OTC 5 ton hydraulic floor jack also comes equipped with double safety fail-safes to make sure that nothing will go wrong when working around monstrous machines. This is further reinforced with a heavy duty steel frame and strong caster wheels.


  • Has caster wheels
  • Has a 47’ reach
  • A reasonably priced floor jack
  • Has safety protections
  • Has an omni-positional handle
  • Made of steel


  • Has the tallest minimum height reviewed

OTC 5210 10 Ton Heavy Duty Service Jack

While OTC may not have taken our top spot in the 5 ton floor jack category, they make up for it by putting out what we consider the best 10 ton floor jack that we saw. While this particular model also has a 6 ton floor jack cousin product, the 10 ton hydraulic floor jack is the one that blew us away. First, it is always nice to have more capability than you might need, just in case you run into the situation where you genuinely do need it. That is not to suggest that some commercial trucks will not legitimately require a 10 ton floor jack, but a 5 ton hydraulic jack with appropriate jack stands will usually suffice.

Still, for the biggest of rigs, the OTC 5210 offers some of the best features and specs in the 10 ton floor jack category. First, the OTC 10 ton floor jack has the longest reach out of any of the products we saw at an impressive 63” in overall length. Aside from the greatest weight capacity, this is also likely the best long chassis floor jack that we reviewed as well. To make matters even more impressive, the OTC 5210 hydraulic truck jack also sports the lowest minimum clearance of just a hair under 7”. These two qualities combined means that not only can this 10 ton hydraulic floor jack lift more than the others, but it can also reach into tighter fits to do so.

As if dotting their “I’s” and crossing their “T’s”, OTC went ahead and made sure their 10 ton heavy duty floor jack was tough as well. The entire frame of this hydraulic low profile floor jack is made of heavy duty steel, while the wheels are made entirely from polyamide to help ensure that they do not warp over time under the weight. The built-in fastener tray and ergonomic handle are just finishing touches on an overall excellent 10 ton floor jack.


  • Has the largest weight capacity reviewed
  • Has the longest reach reviewed
  • Has polyamide wheels
  • Has a built-in fastener tray
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Made of steel


  • The most expensive floor jack reviewed

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