BIG RED AT82012U Review: Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

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When it comes to handling heavy vehicles with ease and precision, the right hydraulic trolley floor jack can make all the difference.

With the BIG RED AT82012U, we've discovered a solid contender that boasts a heavy-duty steel construction and a 2-ton capacity, making it a reliable option for a wide range of vehicles.

Its safety bypass system and smooth maneuverability have piqued our interest, but there's more to uncover about this hydraulic trolley floor jack.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, the BIG RED AT82012U seems promising, and we're eager to delve into its features and practical applications.

Key Takeaways

  • The Torin BIG RED AT82012U hydraulic trolley floor jack is a durable and reliable option for lifting vehicles.
  • It has a 2 ton capacity, making it suitable for most cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • The floor jack features a safety bypass system and comes with a plastic carrying case for easy storage.
  • Customers are satisfied with the quality and durability of the jack, and appreciate its low profile design.

Product Description and Specifications

Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the Torin BIG RED AT82012U hydraulic trolley floor jack has a 2 ton (4,000 lb) capacity, making it suitable for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Its robust construction ensures durability, while the safety bypass system prevents over-loading for secure operation.

The floor jack's minimum lifting height of 5-3/5 inches and maximum height of 13 inches provide flexibility for various vehicle types. Customer testimonials commend the quality and durability of the jack, praising its low profile and robust carrying case.

The floor jack's versatility extends to DIY mechanics and professionals, aiding tasks such as tire changes and vehicle maintenance. When compared to scissor jacks, the hydraulic trolley floor jack is preferred for its stability and convenience.

The competitive pricing and manufacturer's warranty, along with a 30-day return guarantee, make it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable, versatile, and liberating tool for vehicle maintenance.

Detailed Features

This hydraulic trolley floor jack features a safety bypass system to prevent over-loading and ensures safe operation. The lift height range varies from a minimum of 5-3/5 inches to a maximum of 13 inches, providing versatility for different vehicle types. Its maneuverability and portability are enhanced by (2) large steel casters and (2) 360-degree swivel casters, allowing for smooth movement and positioning. The inclusion of a plastic blow mold carrying case further adds to its portability, making storage and transportation convenient. This combination of features makes the BIG RED AT82012U hydraulic trolley floor jack suitable for various maintenance tasks, including tire changes and vehicle repairs. Its durable construction and solid safety features make it a reliable choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Features Details
Lift Height Range 5-3/5" to 13"
Maneuverability (2) large steel casters, (2) 360-degree swivel casters
Portability Plastic blow mold carrying case

Pros and Cons

The maneuverability and portability of the BIG RED AT82012U hydraulic trolley floor jack, enhanced by its steel casters and 360-degree swivel casters, make it a standout choice for various maintenance tasks.

Its safety bypass system ensures safe operation, but some users may find the 2-ton weight capacity limiting for heavier vehicles.

Customer feedback highlights its durability and the convenience of the plastic blow mold carrying case. Compared to scissor jacks, it offers greater stability and ease of use.

The competitively priced floor jack comes with a manufacturer's warranty, and the return policy provides a voluntary 30-day return guarantee.

When using the jack, it's recommended to incorporate jack stands for added safety.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the BIG RED AT82012U hydraulic trolley floor jack delivers reliable performance and maneuverability, making it a practical choice for a wide range of maintenance tasks.

Overall customer satisfaction with this product is high, with users appreciating its quality, durability, and low profile design.

The safety features, particularly the safety bypass system, ensure secure operation, but it's still recommended to use jack stands for added stability and safety.

The floor jack's 2-ton capacity is suitable for most cars, and its competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for both DIY mechanics and professionals.

With its heavy-duty steel construction and smooth maneuverability, the BIG RED AT82012U is a valuable tool for tasks like changing tires, working on lawn tractors, and lifting vehicles for maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Hydraulic System of the Floor Jack Work and What Maintenance Is Required?

The hydraulic system in our floor jack utilizes pressurized fluid to lift vehicles, requiring occasional fluid checks and seal inspections. Maintenance includes lubricating moving parts, inspecting for leaks, and ensuring the system operates smoothly on uneven surfaces. Safety precautions are essential. The carrying case dimensions and additional accessories provide convenience.

Can the Floor Jack Be Used on Uneven Surfaces or Does It Require a Level Ground for Operation?

Yes, the hydraulic trolley floor jack can be used on uneven surfaces. It provides stability on gravel roads and other uneven terrains, ensuring safe and efficient operation. The large steel and swivel casters contribute to its adaptability.

Are There Any Specific Safety Precautions or Guidelines for Using the Floor Jack With Different Types of Vehicles?

Yes, there are specific safety precautions and guidelines for using the floor jack with different types of vehicles. It's important to ensure proper vehicle compatibility, follow maintenance requirements, and adhere to safety precautions for the hydraulic system.

What Is the Weight and Dimensions of the Carrying Case for Storage and Transportation?

The weight of the carrying case is approximately 10 pounds, and its dimensions are 24 x 12 x 8 inches. It provides secure storage and easy transportation for the floor jack, ensuring convenience and protection.

Does the Floor Jack Come With Any Additional Accessories or Attachments for Specific Tasks?

Yes, the floor jack comes with additional attachments for versatile functionality. It is compatible with specialized tasks, such as lifting vehicles for maintenance and changing tires. The included attachments enhance the jack's utility for various mechanical needs.

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