Top Rated Jack Stands for Safety

Almost as important as the floor jack, jack stands are used in a wide variety of automotive work to help suspend and brace whatever it is you are working on, whether an engine, transmission, or underneath the vehicle. Considering that this product will be used to stabilize multiple tons of weight potentially above your head, it only makes sense to look for jack stands made explicitly with your safety in mind. That is why our article covers the top-rated jack stands for safety. We cover the best jack stands of the consumer group and even look at the best heavy-duty jack stands.

Top Picks

ESCO #10498 3-Ton Jack Stands

Outside of the automotive and mechanical world, ESCO is unlikely to be a household name, but the company has been manufacturing some of the best jack stands on the market since 1984. ESCO is so successful, in fact, that they are actually the larger parent company for a wide variety of automotive brands.

Regardless of whether or not these jack stands were manufactured in the US or not, they do provide plenty of nice features that are fairly uncommon in the market. First and foremost that stands out are the ESCO 10498 jack stand contacts which are the only contacts on our list made of rubber. This will help protect the finish on your vehicle as well as provide a non-slip surface for the contact. To improve upon this quality even further the ESCO 3 ton jack stand also made the contact circular to ensure that it can achieve and maintain a solid contact throughout its use.

Beyond the contact, this is also the tallest jack stand for consumer use and features a tripod base to prevent the ESCO jack stand from slipping. One potential concern is its taller minimum height and the fact that it is the most expensive consumer jack stand. Still, it is easily one of the better option available, especially if you work with a number of larger consumer vehicles like trucks, SUVs, or even some smaller RVs.


  • Is corrosion resistant
  • Has a tripod base
  • Has a rubber contact
  • Has a circular contact
  • Has the tallest maximum height
  • Made of steel


  • The most expensive basic jack stand reviewed
  • Has a tall minimum height

Torin T43002A 3-Ton Jack Stands

Torin is another company that was once a proud manufacturer of US made jack stands, but these days the best they can claim is that their jacks are US assembled. That said, Torin is still easily one of the best jack stand manufacturers in the world and the T43002A is a prime example of why. Whether you need strength, durability, or ease, the Torin T43002A provides features in all meaningful categories to help make your job that much easier.

In terms of durability, the Torin first makes a splash with the use of heavy-duty steel, so you do not have to worry about the supports bending or buckling under the weight. On top of that, this strong material is further reinforced with a pyramid base, though some customers have wondered about the welds. Still, the saddle is wide with a rounded shape to ensure that there is no slippage with your vehicle.

Of course, the Torin 3 ton is also fairly convenient as one of two jack stand on our list to feature a ratchet bar. This allows you to easily raise or lower your automotive jack stand without having to align any holes or worry about any pins. That said, the Torin T43002A 3 ton jack stand features a double locking design that does include a reinforcing pin. Though, there are some people who noted that the pin itself can be a bit fiddly when trying to lock in or take out. This is further enhanced with the use of a triangular pin to ensure that the leverage is as tight as can go.


  • Has a pyramid base
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • The least expensive jack stands reviewed
  • Has a ratchet bar
  • Has a double locking design
  • Has a wide, rounded saddle


  • Has a shorter maximum height
  • The pin can be fiddly

Runners Up

Torin T43004 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands

Our runner up is another product coming from Torin except for this time the approach is far more minimal and svelte. In fact, this is likely the best portable jack stand that we reviewed due to nothing more than the fact that it is significantly lighter than all of the other entries on our list. The primary reason that the T43004 3 ton jack stand is so light is because it is made of aluminum. While much lighter than steel, aluminum is a little bit weaker, but that is not as much of an issue when used properly. The aluminum material has also been anodized which will further enhance the natural water-resistant and corrosion resistance of aluminum.

That said, the lightweight design is not the only reason that the Torin T43004 is the most portable aluminum jack stand we reviewed since the frame design creates a much smaller profile than most of the other jack stands on our list. This is also part of the reason that the T43004 is the runner-up on our list as the smaller base makes for an inherently less safe product. Basically, if the base of your jack stand has three or more points of contact with the ground/floor, then the center of gravity has a larger area. However, the perfectly vertical design of the Torin T43004 3 ton jack stand means that unless the surface is perfectly level, the weight of the vehicle could tip the jack stand.


  • Has the shortest minimum height
  • Made of aluminum
  • Are lightweight jack stands
  • Has an anodized finish
  • Has a flanged contact
  • Has an extra-large base


  • The chain is short
  • Has a shorter maximum height

Top Picks (Heavy Duty Jack Stands)

Omega Magic Lift 12-Ton Jack Stands

Omega is an interesting brand in that it is one of many owned by the parent company Shinn Fu which is even more bizarrely based out of Missouri and always has been. Shinn Fu might be a recognizable name to viewers of this site as they also make Hein Werner Automotive products too. Regardless, the Omega Magic is by far one of the best heavy duty jack stands that we came across, though it is not necessarily the best. In fact, this jack stand is likely better heavy duty consumer vehicles as opposed to a commercial product–despite the 12-ton maximum capacity. In this regard, the Omega Magic Lift might just be the best jack stand for RVs that we came across.

First, this is an incredibly durable jack stand that was made to handle a heavy-duty workload, day in and day out. The frame and base are made of thick gauge steel, while the jack mechanism uses a one-piece design to minimize failure. The counter-weight pawl helps keep the jack stand locked into place while still providing the ability to quickly and effortlessly move the life bar into position with a convenient ratchet. Combine this with the pyramid base, and you have a jack stand that will not budge.

The only real downside to the Omega Magic is that it has a somewhat taller maximum height which means it will not work as well for agricultural and some commercial vehicles. Though, it is still much taller than the average consumer-grade jack stand. On top of that, the taller minimum height means that it will be a bit difficult for certain consumer vehicles, but not enough for it to really be a problem.


  • Has a ratchet bar
  • Made of steel
  • Has a one-piece construction
  • Has a counter-weight pawl lock
  • Has a taller maximum height
  • Has a pyramid base


  • Is an expensive heavy duty jack stand
  • Has a taller minimum height

Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands

Of the brands on our list, Sunex is likely the least well-known, and that includes among the mechanic market. That said, this is also one of the more unique companies on our list as this is still the only company we reviewed which can truly state “Made in the USA” on their products. Of course, the luxury of being able to proclaim that you have US made jack stands comes with a price, and in this instance, the price is quite literal. The Sunex 1410 jack stands are the most expensive jack stands that we reviewed, and it does not matter which category you choose.

Thankfully, the Sunex 1410 is one of the top performing jacks that we saw, though its total maximum tonnage may leave a bit to be desired for some. Still, for functional purposes, it is pretty difficult to pass up the Sunex with having both the shortest minimum height and tallest maximum height for a heavy duty jack. the larger than normal saddle with locating lugs does at least make using the Sunex a fairly simple task, though there is no ratchet bar to assist you.

On top of that, the entire frame and base are made of heavy-duty steel, so you do not have to worry about the long term lifespan of these jack stands. The base also features a four leg design, so you do not have to worry about the jack stands slipping out from underneath a heavy vehicle. The contact is not as impressive as with some jack stands, but it does feature a large, flared design to help cradle the vehicle.


  • Made of steel
  • Has a large, flared, contact
  • Has the shortest heavy-duty minimum height
  • Has a four-leg design
  • Has the tallest maximum height
  • Attached locking pin


  • The most expensive jack stands reviewed
  • No ratchet bar

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