Best Floor Jacks Made in the USA

When getting a floor jack, it is important to know where the product was made as this will provide insight into the general manufacturing standards. Hein-Werner makes the best floor jack made in the USA. That said, products made in the USA have a tendency to be pretty good to great with few being outright junk. While many floor jacks used to be made in the USA, most of the US companies now outsource to China or Taiwan. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it does make it more difficult to determine ahead of time whether or not the product s liable to be well made. That is why we went ahead and made a list of the best-rated floor jacks made in the USA.

Top Pick

Hein-Werner HW93642 2-Ton Floor Jack

Though the name may through you off and sound German, this is a US company which manufactures all of its products in the USA. It is worth noting that Hein-Werner is actually just the brand name of Shinn Fu, which may sound suspicious but has been headquartered in Kansas City, MO since the mid-1960s. This particular brand specializes in automotive equipment, and the Hein Werner 2-ton floor jack is likely the best value that you can find.

We say this not because it is the best floor jack that we saw, but because it is the best for the most number of people. Few people comparatively have a vehicle that actually requires a 3-ton jack or larger, so the money saved on getting an adequate jack makes it a great deal. Granted, the Hein Werner 2 ton floor jack is not exactly cheap, but it is one of the best hydraulic jacks for cars.

For one, the Hein Werner jack features a cast iron base as this provides plenty of weight and density to ensure a stable center of gravity. On top of that, the lift arm is also made of cast iron, so you do not have to worry about the arm bending under the pressure of lifting. Finally, the point of contact features a u-joint construction to provide exceptional control and centered position. All considered an enthusiast and small garage owner would do well to invest in the Hein Werner 2 ton hydraulic floor jack as it may very well be the best all-around automotive floor jack you can get.

Runner Up

Hein-Werner HW93652 3-Ton Floor Jack

The Hein Werner 3 ton floor jack is only the runner up in our list of the best American made floor jacks because it is significantly more expensive than the Hein Werner 2 ton. When you consider that most people do not need a 3-ton jack, it only makes sense not to spend so much extra on something you will likely never use. That said, the HW93652 does provide everything you get from the HW93642 2-ton but just a little bit more oomph in case you ever need it. For consumers, this is either a yes or no question, but mechanics and other automotive enthusiasts might want to consider paying the additional cost to have the best American made floor jack.

One reason to opt for the larger model is that you will run into the eventuality depressurization of the hydraulic system much slower and are less likely to stress out the system in the first place. That said, neither Hein Werner floor jack really has to worry all that much with their sealed hydraulic systems being top of the industry. In fact, this particular model is easily capable of being used as an excellent commercial hydraulic floor jack too. Still, 3-ton clearance does have its limitations, and you should not consider this an appropriate option if you need an industrial car jack. Finally, the steel frame features a wide base and flagged side plates to provide additional stability and an even lower center of gravity.

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