Top Rated 2-Ton Floor Jacks

Picking out the best 2-ton floor jack can be a complicated task. You have to consider what type of car you have, how much experience you have with floor jacks, and the durability of any jacks that you’ll potentially buy. You certainly don’t want to buy one that breaks down after a use or two.

A 2-ton floor jack is best for cars that are on the lighter side. So, this guide will focus on showing you the top rated floor jacks that serve that purpose. These are the best floor jacks for the money, and we’ve personally vetted each jack to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied by any of our suggestions.

While all of these jacks are of the highest quality, we’ve made sure to discuss the pros and cons to each of them. Before you choose one, make sure that it matches your needs. Some of the jacks are extremely heavy duty, but they’re too overkill for people who only need their jack every once in a blue moon. Other options are great for more casual users, but might not be good for mechanics that will use their jack every single day. There’s something for everybody.

As a bonus, all of these 2-ton floor jacks are available online. So, you don’t have to go out to the store, take the time to find one, and then lug it all the way back home. You can conveniently have the jack that you pick delivered to your house.

Top Pick

The following is our absolute favorite 2-ton floor jack. It’s a great general purpose jack, and it can adapt to the largest variety of situations. Other jacks on this list may be able to lift more, lift cars higher, and weigh less. However, our top pick has the best combination of features for most tasks, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative that works as well in as many different situations.

Arcan XL20 Steel Service Jack

The Arcan XL20 is hands down the best jack on this list. It’s a low-profile floor jack, and it barely requires any room at all to be properly place beneath your vehicle. In fact, it can fit under cars that are as little as three in a half inches off of the ground. That isn’t small enough to fit under every car that exists, but it’s more than enough to properly fit under the vast majority of vehicles.

The quality that Arcan brings to the table is astounding. The steel construction of this service jack increases the weight to sixty seven pounds. That’s a lot heavier than models that are made from aluminum, but it boasts an incredible amount of strength in exchange for that heftier weight. There’s no handle flex in this model, and it can lift cars on the higher end of the 2-ton range with ease. On top of that, it features a rubber saddle that can protect your car. You don’t need to create makeshift lift pads or pile wood up with this model. It’s perfectly capable of lifting your vehicle safely on it’s own.

Arcan has really knocked it out of the ballpark with this offering. It’s easier to use, and it’s far more powerful than other floor jacks in its class. If you have one of the few cars that is too low for the Arcan XL20, you’ll have to get something else. Otherwise, this is one jack that is bound to become your favorite very quickly.

We recommend the Arcan XL20 steel service jack to at-home mechanics due to its relatively small size, immense power, and it’s absolutely remarkable durability.

Runners Up

The following jacks may not have impressed us as much the Arcan XL20, but they’re still very solid jacks, and each one of them performs their intended tasks admirable. These are some of the best floor jacks for the money. These top rated floor jacks have their own pros and cons, and they’re made by the best floor jack brands in the industry.

Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack

This is a great two ton floor jack for those who don’t have a lot of storage room, but they still want an Arcan product. The usual high-quality that Arcan brings to the table is present in this product.

It’s made from brushed aluminum, it’s twenty six inches long, and it only weighs fifty pounds. It also boasts the same 3.5 inch minimum clearance requirement as the Arcan XL20. So, it can fit under the same vast array of cars as the XL20.

However, the ALJ2T isn’t without its flaws. It’s known for losing some of its performance after about a year or so. The company does offer a limited warranty, but that makes this a less desirable option for people who don’t want to risk needing a replacement within a year or two.

Still, the ALJ2T is one of the best 2-ton floor jacks on the market, and it has a lot to offer in a really small package. We recommend this floor jack to people who aren’t going to need their jack constantly, but still need a really high-quality jack. You can store the ALJ2T easier than most other options, it’s made with ease of use in mind, and it should last a long time if you aren’t using it daily.

Hein-Werner HW93642 Floor Jack

This Hein-Werner floor jack has made our list for its ridiculous amount of strength. It’s outfitted with specially designed side plates to increase its strength, and the lift bar is made from cast iron. It can also lift vehicles up to 20 inches off of the ground with ease. That’s a few inches higher than the previously mentioned Arcan models.

However, such durable construction comes at a price. This 2-ton floor jack weighs in at a staggering 96 pounds. It’s definitely not a jack that you want to have to move very often. The handle can also be very difficult to remove when you’re done using it. However, the sheer amount of strength that this Hein-Werner product brings to the table makes it one of our favorites for difficult jobs.

Torin T82751 Pro Series 5500 Heavy Duty Floor Jack

The Torin T82751 Pro Series 5500 is capable of lifting more weight than any other option on this list. It boasts the ability to safely lift vehicles up to 2.5 tons, and its heavy duty construction makes doing so a breeze. Due to it being able to lift vehicles above the 2-ton limit, this Torin floor jack also includes a safety feature. You don’t have to worry about accidentally lifting too much. It simply won’t allow you to.

This is a relatively large jack, and that can make it hard to maneuver. However, Torin has included a 360 degree swivel feature. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to move around. It’s also one of the heavier jacks on this list. The Pro Series 5500 weighs in at 78 pounds. That’s not as bad as the Hein-Werner, but it’s still a bit too heavy to recommend to people who will have to transport the jack frequently.

If you’re in need of a heavy duty jack, you can’t go wrong with this Torin model. It’s built to last, it can handle heavier vehicles than most 2-ton floor jacks, and it’s made to incredibly high quality standards. That being said, you’re better off with a lighter option if you don’t need the power it provides, and if you’re going to be moving your jack farther than the distance across your garage on a regular basis.

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