Top Compact Floor Jacks for Portability

If you’re lacking room in your living space, wanting to easily store your hydraulic jack in your car, or if you have very little room in your garage, you’re not going to want a massive floor jack. You need a smaller, more compact, and lighter weight option.

Luckily, some of the best aluminum jacks on the market are made specifically for someone in your situation. The power, lift height, and features of a full sized jack have been crammed into a lightweight, aluminum package for both of the portable compact floor jacks on our list.

These aren’t some cheap Harbor Freight jacks. These are the top rated 1-1/2 ton jacks on the market. We’ve picked them above all of the other options on the market because they’re strong, durable, and they can fit just about anywhere.

Also, you won’t have to run to Harbor Freight or any other store to pick one of these up. They’re both available online.

Top Pick

Our top pick is the absolute best compact floor jack on the market. It packs all of the features that we consider to be requirements for a jack of this size. If it’s not your type of jack, we’ve also included an alternative that can fit the bill for a small floor jack admirably.

Pittsburgh 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Race Jack

This offering from Pittsburgh is the undisputed champion of portable floor jacks. It packs a ton of features into its small frame, it’s capable of being brought with you where ever you go, and it provides the most value for the price.

This mini aluminum race jack is made from aircraft grade aluminum. That greatly lowers its overall weight compared to other 1.5 ton jacks. It only weighs 30 pounds. The high-quality construction also lends a high level of durability to this Pittsburgh racing jack. You shouldn’t have any problems with it becoming damaged.

This racing jack also comes with a knurled handle for a comfortable grip. You won’t have to use the handle for long, though. A universal quick release system is implemented to make the pumping process smooth and fast. You shouldn’t have to pump this jack more than 3 or 4 times for it lift your vehicle to its maximum lift height.

This low profile jack doesn’t lift vehicles very high. Its max height is only a little over 14 inches. However, it can fit under pretty much any car out there, and it lifts easier than most jacks on the market.

To round out its feature set, it boasts an incredibly compact design. The overall length of the unit is only slightly over 22 inches. Combined with its lightweight, this makes it perfect for storing in your vehicle. It can also be stealthily hidden away in what little room an apartment or small garage may have.

Overall, this compact aluminum racing jack from Pittsburgh is unmatched in terms of value. You can’t find another jack at its price point that also has its features. In fact, it’s so high quality that there is only one flaw that we can come up with. It won’t work with larger vehicles. It’ll easily work with a Prius or a Miata, but you can’t use it on anything much larger without employing risky makeshift lifts. You’ll also want to make sure that you bring jack stands along with you.

Runners Up

While the Powerzone jack can’t quite measure up to the sheer value brought to the table by our top pick, it is an amazing jack, and it fills a few roles that the Pittsburgh can’t.

Powerzone 380049 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Jack

If you read the previous review and thought that it sounds easy to carry and store, you’ll really be impressed by is racing jack from Powerzone.

At twenty seven pounds, the Powerzone aluminum 1.5 ton jack is three pounds lighter than our top pick. It also boasts more features that aid in using it safely.

While the Powerzone isn’t nearly as fast as the Pittsburgh, it utilizes a safety valve to keep you from overloading it. This can be crucial if you’re new to using jacks. After all, you don’t want your car suddenly falling because you didn’t understand capacity ratings. It also has a built in rubber pad to keep you from scratching your ride up. While proper and cautious use can prevent scratches from nearly any jack, the rubber padding provides a little wiggle room for new users.

The Powerzone has stats that are identical to the Pittsburgh in terms of lift height and clearance. You can squeeze this jack beneath any car that has at least 3-1/2 inches of clearance, and it can lift vehicles up to 14-3/4 inches off of the ground.

This option can’t fit under the lowest of cars like the Pittsburgh, but it can fit under most small and compact cars. However, the same issue that the Pittsburgh has is present in this jack. It can’t lift bigger cars. With it not being able to fit under cars as well as the Pittsburgh, and the fact that it lacks the ability to lift large cars, and its slower speed, the Powerzone is just slightly less optimal in comparison to our top pick. However, it’s still a solid jack, and it provides a lot of value to its users.

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