The Best Low Profile Floor Jack Reviewed

The best Low-profile floor jacks are specially designed to get under vehicles that sit low to the ground like sports cars and show cars. These jacks have the same lifting power as other garage jacks, but they’re built to slide under vehicles with a low clearance. If you need a jack to lift your vehicle high enough to change tires or set it on car stands for repairs, floor jacks are the way to go. Most roll on wheels and use hydraulic cylinders to take the work out of lifting an automobile.

Floor jacks come in a couple different varieties, from large repair shop models to small portable jacks designed for emergencies. Investing in a set of stands and wheel chocks can complement the best low-profile floor jack used for maintenance work, or you can look into spare tires and tire irons to stay prepared for roadside tire changes.

Top Pick

It isn’t difficult to find a wide selection of standard floor jacks, but low-profile jacks are a specialized niche. We’ve gone through the best available models and tested them in our garage to help you sort out which is right for your needs. We settled on Arcan’s XL2T model as our top pick, but car owners have different budgets and uses for these tools, so we also reviewed a couple runners-up floor jacks that fit other roles.

Arcan XL2T Black Low-Profile Steel Service Jack

The secret to Arcan’s XL2T low-profile service jack’s success is how high it can lift a 2-ton vehicle with a profile of only 2.75 inches. If you’ve ever needed to perform major service work under a car or truck, you know that having plenty of clearance and tall stands is required. Having a floor jack that can lift 24 inches makes the process of putting a vehicle on stands much faster. This was why we think it’s the best in this category.

The XL2T low-profile jack manages that much lift height with a long 32-inch chassis. This means it needs plenty of floor space to maneuver it into place, but as long as you have an uncrowded garage, it’ll slip under the lowest vehicles out there without much awkwardness.

If you’re worried that the construction of the XL2T might not be as strong as standard jacks, it passed the industry’s ASME PALD safety standard in 2009. ASME puts jacks through rigorous tests to ensure that they can consistently lift and support the load they claim to handle. It’s able to lift a 2-ton load quickly thanks to its two-piston design, and its universal joint release gives you precise control over how fast it sets a load down. Despite being made of a durable and heavy-duty steel frame with 3/16-inch sides, it weighs in at 97 pounds, which is not bad for a service jack of its size. You’ll be able to wheel it around a garage at home as well as you would at a service station.

One reason this jack has been selected as the best by many home and professional mechanics is its reach. At 32 inches in length, the XL2T is a low-profile jack that can reach engine support points on many sports cars and classic vehicles. This has made it useful to anyone who needs a service jack with good reach, not just buyers with low-riding cars. If you want to lift both sides of a vehicle high enough to slip two stands under it at one time, the XL2T can do that for you.

Arcan covers the XL2T low-profile steel service jack with a 1-year warranty. That means any breakage or poor operation due to an error at the factory will mean a free repair or replacement during that first year of ownership. Since factory errors typically cause problems soon after a purchase, that’s enough time to cover most service costs that might happen.

Runners Up

If you need something smaller or lighter, there are a couple other outstanding low-profile floor jacks that we discovered as we reviewed the top products currently on the market. You might need a jack to keep in your trunk for emergencies or take to remote sites, or you may just have a cramped garage at home that doesn’t allow for long service jacks like Arcan’s XL2T.

JEGS 80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

JEGS’s 80006 low-profile floor jack is built to be lightweight so you can move it quickly from one lift to the next. It’s great for pit stops during professional races or service centers that need to change customer tires as fast as possible. It weighs in at only 49 pounds because it’s made of reinforced aluminum rather than steel. It’s also a bit smaller than our top pick.

With a profile of 3.5 inches, it can’t slip into clearances as low as Arcan’s XL2T, but it has the same 2-ton load rating, so it can handle the same size vehicles. It just doesn’t have quite the reach. It’s also portable enough to take to outdoor events or keep in your vehicle for emergencies. It’s well designed with an anti-slip grip and side handles to give you more ways to adjust its position under a car. JEGS offers a skid plate that they sell separately. It makes it much safer to lift cars on gravel or grass surfaces.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan’s quality design and workmanship showed when we reviewed different low-profile floor jacks. We found that the ALJ3T was just as good a tool as our top pick. It didn’t have the same versatility as a service jack because of its smaller size, but that may be exactly what you need. It actually has better lifting power, being rated for 3-ton loads. It achieves that with a lighter aluminum construction and a bit less length.

Like the XL2T, this low-profile jack uses a double-piston design to make short work of heavy lifts. The wheels are secured with durable ball-bearings and the saddle will protect your car’s support points from damage. It’s a good feature while it lasts, but it’s been reported to wear out sooner than expected. It’s also an older model that doesn’t have the same level of service support as the XL2T.

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