The Best Car Ramps for Quick and Easy Maintenance

Getting your vehicle lifted off the ground is all good and well, but a floor jack is not suitable for keeping your vehicle suspended off the ground. If all you need to do is change a tire, then this is not such a big deal. However, if you really need to get under your vehicle to do some serious work, you are going to need a tool that can help keep your vehicle safely suspended above your head for extended periods of time. This is where the best car ramps for quick and easy maintenance come into play. In our article, we will present you with the best 3 car ramps and give you a quick rundown of how to properly use car ramps.

Top Pick

RhinoGear RhinoRamps

RhinoGear is a bit interesting in that it started as a bit of an underground automotive ramp company that quickly grew due to the success of its initial product. From there, the brand was bought by one company which was then purchased by another larger company. In the end, the brand remains untouched and still produces some of the best car ramps that we saw. This is primarily due to the engineering of the ramps which places them a significant step above the competition.

First, we have to address the potential concern regarding the materials used which are heavy-duty plastics. While this is still more than sufficient for the wide majority of consumer vehicles, there are still plenty of specialized vehicles, aftermarket vehicles, and non-consumer vehicles that may stress these plastic car ramps to their breaking point. It is also advised that you do not use these ramps in sub-freezing temperatures as they are more prone to becoming brittle in the conditions.

That said, in a warmer climate with an average consumer vehicle, the design of this car ramp makes it one of the easiest and safest to use. For one, the ramp itself is made with a variable traction pattern to make sure that your wheels can grip the ramp no matter what the weather conditions. On top of that, the RhinoRamps car ramps also have an indentation to cradle your vehicle’s wheels and ensure that your car does not go anywhere.

Still, we are saving the best for last as not only is this the least expensive car ramp, but it also has the largest maximum weight capacity. With a gross weight capacity of 12000 lbs, the RhinoGear RhinoRamp more than doubles the next closest competitor on our list. When you consider that these are also the least expensive car ramps on our list, it seems like a no-brainer. That said, the other car ramps are definitely more durable and a little bit safer in more extreme circumstances. But for a homeowner, it is hard to go wrong with the RhinoGear RhinoRamps car ramps.


  • Has excellent CORETrac tread
  • Has tire indents
  • Is the least expensive car ramps reviewed
  • Has a 12000 lb weight capacity
  • Is easy to stow and transport


  • Not the strongest

Runners Up

Race Ramps RR-40

Race Ramps are known for making some of the best low profile ramps on the market as their name implies. While their ramps can be used for other purposes, they were specifically designed with sports cars and supercars in mind. This is most notably apparent with their shorter than normal angle of approach which sits at a short 16.7-degrees of incline. This is ideal for cars which are built lower to the ground, especially for aerodynamic reasons like with sports and supercars. Still, Race Ramps leads the way in a number of other important considerations like the country of origin. In fact, the Race Ramps is the only product on our list that can claim to be an American made car ramp.

In terms of transportation, the RR-40 car ramps are by far one of the most portable car ramps we found with each ramp weighing on 7 lbs. To make this even better, the Race Ramps RR-40 low profile ramps also feature carrying straps that not only make it easier to tote the car ramps from place to place but to make minor adjustments when setting them up as well. Unfortunately, these sportscar car ramps are probably just that as they have the lowest weight capacity out of any car ramps on our list at only 6000 lbs.

To make matters worse, each individual ramp only has a weight limit of 1500 pounds, so you are fairly limited when it comes to trucks or SUVs. That said, any other standard car class automobile should work just fine. As an added little bonus, these car ramps are also made with a front wheel chock built-in for your safety and convenience. Of course, you will still have place wheel chocks behind the rear wheels, and this car ramp does not seem to have any traction. This is why this is the best race car car ramps, and just the best car ramps in general.


  • Has a built-in wheel chock
  • The lightest car ramp reviewed
  • Has a small angle of approach
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Made in the USA


  • The lowest weight capacity

Solid Steel Car Ramps by Nicky Nice

If you were looking for the complete opposite kind of car ramp as the ones we have previously shown you, the Nicky Nice is likely your best bet. Nicky Nice is definitely not a US made car ramp, and the company relies exclusively on Amazon’s online marketplace. This is a bit of a benefit to you as it allows Nicky Nice to sell their items for less than their competitors. While it may not necessarily seem like this is the case for our list, it is important to remember that the Nicky Nice car ramp is made of a more expensive material than the other car ramps that we have reviewed.

Specifically, the Nicky Nice car ramp is the only car ramp on our list made of heavy-duty steel. This is important because steel is far less susceptible to colder temperatures like the plastics many manufacturers use. On top of that, the Nicky Nice metal car ramps also feature a powder-coated finish to help protect against water damage and other types of chemical corrosion. All of this attention to strength and durability pays off as the Nicky Nice car ramp also has the second-largest weight capacity that we reviewed at 6500 lbs. In fact, each ramp can hold 2000 lbs on its own, so it may well be the best heavy duty car ramp that we came across too.

One thing to consider is that the Nicky Nice has an extremely high angle of incline. An exact measurement is not given, but it is much sharper than the angles of incline with the other products we reviewed. This means that lower vehicles might not want to try to use the Nicky Nice car ramp, though it will probably work better as pick up truck ramps. This also helps explain why Nicky Nice uses the harsh, yet incredibly effective, perforated tread. This type of tread is some of the most effective and can even become embedded in your tires if used improperly.


  • Made of steel
  • Has perforated tread
  • Has safety ribs
  • Has a 6500 lb weight capacity
  • Has a powder coat finish


  • Has a sharper angle of incline

How to Use Car Ramps

When using car ramps, the first thing you want to do is make sure that the ramps themselves are in good structural order. Some ramps have different points or components that are designed to ensure the products work to factory specifications. Always check any unique feature out to make sure that it is in good working order.

Next, you will want to align the ramp with the wheel of your car and slide the ramp to butt up against the wheel. Be careful to make sure that the tire is centered with the ramp as most ramps are somewhat narrow and leave little room error. You can make lining up the ramp easier by using the side of the vehicle to help use as a pulled-back guide. Once the ramps are in place, set down any chocks or weight that the ramp may require.

Once the ramps are in position, start up your vehicle and let the car sit in neutral for a moment or drive if an automatic. Let the wheels feel their way towards the ramp and create a point of leverage. Once the wheels make this contact, put the vehicle in first gear and slowly ride the up the ramps, careful to take your foot off the gas as soon as you crest the lip of the incline. Try to catch to car’s momentum at the apex if you can, but do not try to overcorrect if you do not. Just allow the car to naturally roll into position at the top of the car ramps.

Once you have the car securely positioned, turn off the car and put up the emergency brake to keep the car in an inclined position. Once stable, get out of the car and place wheel chocks behind the rear tires to further prevent any movement from occurring. With the car safely on ramps, you can feel free to take as much time as you need to change the oil or perform other minor, superficial maintenance.

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