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Sears Floor Jack Parts Diagram

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable floor jack, you can’t go wrong with a Sears floor jack. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just a DIY enthusiast, you need a reliable floor jack that you can count on. But before you purchase one, it’s important to understand the Sears floor jack parts diagram and how they all fit together.

Floor Jack Parts

Sears floor jacks are designed to be durable and dependable, and the parts are designed to work together seamlessly. The main parts of the floor jack are the base, the saddle, the handle, the wheels, the pump, and the valve. The base is the bottom part of the jack, which is designed to provide stability and strength. The saddle is the top part of the jack, which is designed to support the vehicle and keep it from slipping off. The handle is the part that is used to raise and lower the jack, and the wheels allow for easy maneuverability. The pump is used to raise and lower the jack, and the valve is used to control the flow of hydraulic fluid.

Parts Diagram

The parts diagram for a Sears floor jack will show how all the parts fit together and how they interact. The diagram will show the location of the base, saddle, handle, wheels, pump, and valve. It will also show the connections between the different parts, such as the connection between the handle and the pump, and the connection between the pump and the valve. Additionally, the diagram will show the size and shape of each part, as well as the type of material used to make them.


Once you have the parts diagram, you can begin to assemble your floor jack. First, attach the base to the saddle and then attach the handle to the base. Next, attach the wheels to the base and then attach the pump to the handle. Finally, attach the valve to the pump and then connect the valve to the pump. Make sure that all the connections are secure and that the parts are properly aligned.


When using a Sears floor jack, it is important to always follow safety guidelines. Make sure that the jack is properly secured to the ground before attempting to lift any heavy objects. Additionally, make sure that the jack is on a level surface and that all the parts are properly connected and functioning properly. If you are unsure about any of the parts or their assembly, it is best to consult a professional mechanic.


Sears floor jacks are reliable and durable tools that can make any DIY project or professional job easier. Before purchasing a floor jack, it is important to understand the Sears floor jack parts diagram and how the parts fit together. Additionally, it is important to always follow safety guidelines when using the jack. With the right knowledge and safety precautions, a Sears floor jack can make any job easier and more efficient.

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