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Jack London’s Wolf House Floor Plan

The Wolf House was the dream home of Jack London and his wife Charmian. Located in the Sonoma Valley of California, the Wolf House was an ambitious project that was never completed. The house was destroyed by a fire in 1913, but the original floor plans still exist and can be seen today.

Layout of the Wolf House

The Wolf House was designed to be a large, two-story home with an additional attic. The ground floor was divided into two parts: the main house and the servants’ quarters. The main house was comprised of a large, open-air courtyard, a library, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a breakfast room. The servants’ quarters consisted of a butler’s pantry, a servant’s room, and a maid’s room.

Unique Features of the Wolf House

The Wolf House was designed to be a luxurious home, and Jack and Charmian included several unique features in the design. The most notable of these was the large open-air courtyard, which was the centerpiece of the house. The courtyard was surrounded by a colonnade of Roman arches and contained a fountain and a swimming pool.

Decorative Elements

Jack and Charmian wanted the Wolf House to be an elegant and luxurious home, and they included many decorative elements in the design. The walls of the house were to be adorned with murals and tapestries, while the floors were to be covered in marble and inlaid with mosaics. The house was also to be filled with fine furniture and artworks.

The Garden

The Wolf House was surrounded by a large garden, which was designed to be a place of beauty and serenity. The garden was filled with exotic plants and flowers, and Jack and Charmian planned to include a pond, a gazebo, and a Japanese-style teahouse.

The Wolf House Today

The Wolf House was never completed due to the tragic fire in 1913, but the original floor plans still exist. The plans provide a fascinating insight into the ambitions of Jack and Charmian, and they can be seen at the Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen, California.


The Wolf House was a grand and ambitious project, and the original floor plans provide an interesting glimpse into the dreams of Jack and Charmian London. Despite the tragedy of the fire, the Wolf House remains an important part of California’s history and a reminder of the couple’s vision.


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