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Floor jacks are a popular tool used in garages and automotive repair shops. They are used to lift vehicles and other heavy items off the ground, allowing for easier access and repair. But sometimes, a regular floor jack may not be enough to reach the desired height or area. That’s where floor jack extension saddles come in.

A floor jack extension saddle is a type of accessory designed to extend the range of a regular floor jack. It is a platform that attaches to the saddle of the jack, providing an additional surface area for larger items, as well as an extra lift. The extension saddle is typically made of steel, and can support up to a ton of weight.

Benefits of Floor Jack Extension Saddles

Floor jack extension saddles provide several benefits to users. For one, they allow for greater flexibility and maneuverability. With an extension saddle, you can easily adjust the jack’s position to reach difficult spots, such as underneath the frame of a vehicle. This can make the job of lifting and positioning a vehicle much easier and faster.

Another benefit is that floor jack extension saddles are often more stable than regular floor jacks. The extended platform provides additional support, making it less likely for the jack to slip or move during use. This can be especially helpful when lifting heavier items, as it reduces the risk of an accident.

How to Use a Floor Jack Extension Saddle

Using a floor jack extension saddle is relatively straightforward. First, attach the extension saddle to the saddle of the floor jack. Make sure that it is securely fastened before proceeding. Then, place the jack beneath the item you wish to lift. Carefully adjust the jack until the saddle is securely underneath the item. Finally, use the jack’s handle to raise the item.

Types of Floor Jack Extension Saddles

There are several different types of floor jack extension saddles available on the market. The most common type is the “universal” extension saddle, which is designed to fit most standard floor jacks. This type of extension saddle is usually made of steel and can support up to a ton of weight.

Other types of extension saddles are also available, such as those made of aluminum or plastic. Aluminum saddles are lighter and more affordable than steel saddles, but they may not be able to support as much weight. Plastic saddles are the lightest and most affordable option, but they are also the least durable.


Floor jack extension saddles are a great way to extend the range and stability of a regular floor jack. They are easy to use and can support up to a ton of weight. There are several types of extension saddles available, so you should choose one that best suits your needs.


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