Best Floor Jacks for Under $100

Hydraulic floor jacks can get pretty expensive. In fact, a lot of people might feel excluded being able to buy one due to their typically high price tag. However, there are some amazing floor jacks on the market that won’t set you back more than $100 dollars. You probably just didn’t see them.

Luckily, we’ve found two jacks that are more than capable of performing their duties, and they won’t set you back more than the price of a decent night out. With the quality that these two hydraulic floor jacks provide, it’s worth it to skip date night once or twice.

Top Pick

With only two options on this list, it may seem odd to have a top pick. However, this is the cream of the crop. Torin has provided an absolutely remarkable jack for under $100 bucks, and you will not find this much value anywhere else.

Torin T82751 Pro Series 5500 Heavy Duty Floor Jack

It’s not often that you can find a floor jack under $100 dollars. It’s even less common to find one that can handle difficult jobs for that price. However, Torin has been selling their 5500 models for awhile. Usually, they come in right at $100, but you can sometimes get them even cheaper. They get put on sale fairly frequently.

For the low amount that you spend on this jack, you gain the ability to lift up to 2.75 tons. That’s more than most floor jacks that cost twice as much. That cheap power comes with at a price, though. The 5500 weighs about 78 pounds. Luckily, it does come equipped with 360 degree swivel casters. So, it’s fairly easy to maneuver this beast.

You’re not going to get a ton of high end features on a jack that only costs $100 dollars, but Torin was fairly generous with this model. That being said, you’re not going to be working on lowered vehicles. The 5500 requires 5.12 inches of clearance. If you’re riding in a super low car, this isn’t going to fit. However, it’ll make short work of anything that accommodates its size. It can also lift vehicles over 19 inches off of the ground. So, there’s plenty of room to work safely when you fully lift your vehicle.

As an added bonus, the 5500 is incredibly stable. It has a frame that is wider than most other floor jacks. So, it’s one of the most stable 2-ton floor jacks that you can find in any price range.

Overall, the value presented by the 5500 is unprecedented. You aren’t going to get all of the bells and whistles that come with a $500 dollar jack, but you’ll be able to get your job done with ease. All you really have to worry about is the required clearance. If your car can fit a 5.12 inch jack under it, you’re in for a treat that won’t break your wallet.

Runners Up

Our runner up has a lot in common with the Torin 5500. It’s cheap, it’s high quality, and it can get the job done. However, this is basically the lightweight and low clearance option. With that being said, it’s extremely capable, and it’s the best alternative to the Torin 5500 for the same price.

Pittsburgh Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

As we stated above, this is the lightweight alternative to the Torin 5500. It’s also feature packed for such a cheap jack.

The basic features of this jack are a great value on their own. For $100, you get a floor jack made from aircraft grade aluminum. That lowers the weight of this unit tremendously. Instead of lugging around a 78 pound beast like the Torin, you get a 31 pound jack that can easily fit in your trunk. The trade off to this is that it can only lift up to 1.5 tons. We’ll talk more about that later.

In addition to a high quality material being used in its construction, the Pittsburgh racing jack comes with a variety of features that the Torin doesn’t. Starting off the list of additional features, it comes with a heavily textured handle that incorporates a rapid release system. This allows the handle to be pumped with ease. In addition, it lifts extremely quickly. It’ll only take you 2 or 4 pumps to fully lift your vehicle.

It also has a low clearance requirement that lets it get under the smallest of cars. This is something that the Torin 5500 can’t do, and it makes it the best alternative for everyone with a smaller vehicle.

Sadly, its lack of power makes it completely incapable of working on anything larger than small and compact cars. The Torin may weigh a lot, and it may not be an option for very small cars, but it can work with the majority of vehicles out there for the low price of $100 dollars. There just isn’t enough power behind this model for it to be our top pick.

However, you can’t go wrong with this jack if you do have a smaller car. You can easily store it in your trunk, it has some features that are usually found on high end jacks, and it is easy to use. Just don’t expect the Pittsburgh to lift a big muscle car.

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