Best 3-Ton Floor Jack for the Money

Only the best 3-Ton Floor Jack should be used when you’re working on larger vehicles such as your truck, sports utility vehicles or any other full-sized vehicles. While getting the very best product in any category is always preferred, that is not always a viable option for every consumer. Most of the time, top-tier products are priced well outside of the average customer’s comfortable price range. Getting a good deal does not mean getting a cheap, ineffective product, but nor does it mean that you have to spend as little as possible. Instead, this consideration is more about finding the sweet spot between the value provided and the cost. Remember, an ideal product if often worth its weight in gold, even if they are exceedingly rare. That is why we have put together a list of the 3 best 3-ton floor jacks for the money in 2019.

Top Pick

Powerzone 380044 3-Ton Aluminum/Steel Garage Jack

Powerzone is actually a brand of Milestone Tools which is at least a US company but does not produce 3-ton floor jacks made in the USA. Still, the brand has been around for about a decade and has quickly become a well-respected brand in the market, they seem to leverage their respect into profits. Specifically, the Powerzone 38044 is the most expensive 3-ton hydraulic jack we reviewed, and it was not even really that close. That said, the Powerzone floor jack does offer a solid blend of features to produce what we feel is the best 3-ton floor jack for the money.

Solid Build
One thing that often gets taken for granted when comparing the best floor jacks are the materials used in its construction. A fair bit of this has to do with the fact that floor jacks are generally made primarily of one of two materials, and the other materials commonly apply to “non-essential” components. The Powerzone jack our best pick, on the other hand, is arguably one of the few jack manufacturers that strategically uses different materials in the construction of their 3-ton car jack. This is most notable with the use of both steel and aluminum, rather than simply sticking with one. However, the real accomplishment is recognizing that the frame being made of aluminum creates no issue but the arm being aluminum can. To fix this issue, the Powerzone 3-ton floor jack uses aluminum for the frame but employs a steel arm which is stronger and less likely to bend.

A Decent Lift
When looking at the Powerzone 3-ton aluminum jack’s range, you get a mix of good and bad that may come out as a wash. The maximum lift height is the shortest out of all the products that we reviewed at a disappointing 18 ¼”. At the other end of the spectrum, the Powerzone 3-ton jack’s minimum clearance is a fairly good 4”. It is important to remember that a minimum clearance is often more important than a maximum lift since there is no way to make a jack shorter but there are ways to lift a vehicle higher. That said, the quality of a lift is not simply a result of its range but how well it takes the object being lifted into consideration. In order to ensure that no damages occur during the lifting process, the Powerzone 3-ton floor jack uses a rubber padded saddle.


  • Made of aluminum
  • Has a rubber padded saddle
  • Has a 4” minimum clearance
  • Has an overload safety valve
  • Has a reinforced steel arm
  • Is a more portable jack


  • The most expensive jack reviewed
  • Has the shortest maximum lift

Runners Up

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan our next best Floor Jack is a brand of Sunex Tools which may not necessarily specialize in floor jacks specifically, but they do at least focus on automotive repair more generally. Also, Sunex Tools is a fairly well-established American company with over 4 decades of experience, though they no longer manufacture US made floor jacks. Still, it was a fairly difficult choice between this model and our top pick, not the least of all because the Arcan ALJ3T is less expensive than our top pick, though both models are fairly expensive for the 3-ton hydraulic floor jack market.

Give Us The Best Lift
By far one of the best qualities of the Arcan aluminum floor jack is its lifting mechanism which is both safe and durable. First, this is one of the few 3-ton floor jacks we saw that features a completely sealed hydraulic system which will help extend the life of the product and keep it in good working order. However, the benefits do not end simply with the arrangement of the hydraulic system as the pump is fairly good too. While every brand of shop floor jack will claim that their product is quick lifting, the Arcan floor jack is the only one noting that they use a dual piston hydraulic pump. Beyond the build quality of the lift, the Arcan 3-ton car jack also features the lowest minimum clearance.

Some Build Concerns
While the Arcan 3-ton hydraulic floor jack has a number of features to prolong its lifespan, one of the biggest knocks against it is a lack of durability. However, it is important to keep in mind that the hydraulic system is not usually the culprit in this issue. Instead, the more common issues with the ALJ3T 3-ton floor jack is that the reinforced lift arm gives out. This is due primarily because the Arcan garage floor jack is made entirely of aluminum, which is great for portability but is not the strongest materials.


  • Has a reinforced lift arm
  • Has a dual piston hydraulic pump
  • Has a sealed hydraulic system
  • Has the lowest minimum clearance
  • Has bypass and overload valves
  • Is made of aluminum


  • Is a more expensive jack
  • Not the most durable

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

Blackhawk has a fairly convoluted history that can be traced back to the Hein Werner Corporation but ultimately ends up where a majority of the best 3-ton floor jack brands go: Shinn Fu. Taking a play right out of Black+Decker’s playbook, Shinn Fu realized that instead of joining those it cannot beat, better to make those join them. As such, half a dozen different brands with solid reputations are now currently owned by Shinn Fu. This is not to suggest that their products are poor performing, but they are definitely not American-made 3-ton floor jacks, even if Shinn Fu is actually a US floor jack company.

Big Daddy
The Blackhawk B6350 3-ton hydraulic shop jack is definitely a bit of a throwback to older designs. Of course, if it is not broke, then there is no reason to fix it, and Blackhawk goes full bore on that with the only hydraulic floor jack on our list to be made entirely of steel. While this necessarily makes the Blackhawk significantly heavier, harder to transport, and more difficult to adjust than the other models reviewed, it is also one of the most durable as well. As if that were not enough, Blackhawk doubles down of the durability and employs a rolled frame to provide additional strength. Of course, considering that this 3-ton service jack actually offers a bit more than the premise suggests, it likely needs it.

Best Spec Line
When you consider that this 3-Ton Floor Jack is easily the least expensive product that we reviewed, it may be difficult to understand why this is not the best car jack for the money. This consideration becomes muddier when you also consider that this floor jack actually has the highest lifting capacity at 3 ½ tons as well as the tallest maximum lift at 22”. This last part is especially important since larger, multi-axled commercial trucks generally require the jack lift taller than for consumer vehicles. One spec that is not ideal is the minimum clearance which is easily the tallest on our list at 5 ½” which limits this floor jack’s versatility a bit.


  • Has the tallest maximum lift
  • Is the least expensive jack reviewed
  • Made of steel
  • Has a rolled frame
  • Has bypass and safety valves
  • Has the largest lifting capacity
  • Cons

  • Has the tallest minimum clearance
  • Is the least portable jack reviewed
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